>Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 9.26.10

>You are not the kind of God who is pleased with evil. Sinners can't stay with you.

You do what is right, and I ask you to guide me. Make your teaching clear because of my enemies.

Nothing they say is true! They just want to destroy. Their words are deceitful like a hidden pit, and their tongues are good only for telling lies.

Psalm 5:4,5,8,9

I am thanking You now Father for keeping my eyes on You, for guiding me to where I need to be despite the attempts of the "liar" and others influenced by it to take my mind and heart off of You. Thank You for helping me rise above pettiness, jealousy, envy, anger, fear, hatred, and a desire to retaliate against those who attack me. In and through You I know the truth, and no matter what anyone else says or does, I know that You will always prevail and reveal Your truth to all. Thank You Father for Your constant love. Amen.

This post (as was yesterday's) is for those of you who seem, or are under attack by outsiders who just can't make it through their day without an attempt at harming you, your character, and your relationship with our heavenly Father.

This post is for those of us who are constantly under attack by the "liar" who would convince us that we are not worthy of God's blessings, that we can't do the things we are attempting and desiring in our lives; that we can't have the very things that we are working so hard to acquire. The "liar" will whisper words of fear, doubt, and hate into your ears and convince you to envy (covet) others, to doubt yourself and grow insecure with your physical appearance, mental ability, and spiritual connectedness to God.

You must fight "the liar" and your human enemy the same way, each and every day…through and with God! We must pray to Him for guidance, clarity, strength, protection, and the voice to say to our enemies, "no. You are a liar. I will not listen to you or sink down to your level. God is my light, strength, comforter, and salvation, and I will leave this between you and Him!"

Then we must step back and let God deal with the transgressions of our enemies.
We must never sink down like snakes on our bellies to reach and accommodate our enemy, who is possibly at the lowest depths of 'sewer living' that one can live. As my mom always said, "don't fight in someone else's yard. They always have the advantage". Know who you are and what you are…God's child…and walk upright to glory and countless blessings.

Have a blessed Sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and prepare yourself for an awesome week. Walk in the knowledge that God's arms encircle you. Your enemy can only harm you when you let them in, and stop relying on God to be your security gates!

I love you all!


Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved.

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