>News to Share: Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 9.28.10

>This morning I shared a scripture and message on having true, pure faith. I shared how both of the dogs went missing around 9:15am…let me share what has taken place in this long, draining, emotional, tear-filled day…

After searching for a couple of hours, contacting the appropriate organizations, and submitting all necessary reports, I sat down and prayed for clarity and strength. I reminded myself of God’s omnipresence and that He would protect our four-legged babies. I then left it up to Him to guide the dogs to safety where they could be found.

I got a call around 2pm from the veterinarian that both dogs were found, one in possession of the woman who found them, the other one took off running in fear. When I called the woman she shared where she was, and where she found the dogs…on the same major street I had driven, but in the opposite direction. She tried to grab the smaller one (who ran under her car trying to hide from her), of course possibly fearful of the bigger dog. I met her in the shopping center where our grocery store is located. Ah my baby was injured and bloody; he was bitten- possibly by the bigger (yet younger) dog or by a wild animal. Thank God both dogs have all of their shots! 

His big little sister was gone, no where to be found.

Once I knew my sister had things in order I took off running out of the parking lot and down the street in the direction the woman had last seen our other dog. My mom took off in her SUV and my cousin started walking around, everyone calling out to our baby!

I ran into the gated neighborhood where a friend stays and asked the guard if he had seen a tan chow; while giving him my contact information I hear screams from the street. I immediately took off in a full sprint towards the street and quickly noticed my cousin running in the street trying to stop traffic. I looked in the direction she was looking and I saw cars stopping. I jumped in the street and waved oncoming cars to stop. I then began running in the direction my cousin was looking and there she was…our chow!

Tears started streaming down my face as I yelled out her name. 

She started walking towards me and then happily ran to me and jumped up to give me a hug (yes, she has been trained to give hugs) and as I cried and fell to my knees, this big goof ball licked me like crazy. People pulled up to help, and this one guy offered to drive us to my car, but my mom had already pulled up behind him and this other guy who I met a few days ago-  who runs a doggy daycare in our shopping center. He heard the screams and jumped in his car and drove over with a leash and helped us with this scared, but happy chow. He remembered me from the other day and told me to bring our injured dog to his clinic so he could look at his wounds. He then called the veterinarian down the street…since it was too far to go to our regular clinic.

My cousin took our chow home to help her relax, eat (since they ran off before eating breakfast), and fill up on water. We rushed our other dog to the vet.

After being sedated and treated, our baby was released to us at 5:30pm today. He was and still is in pain, but he is so happy to be home. He was determined to have me by his side all the way to the clinic, while there (until they put him under) and when we picked him up. Every time I got out of the car he would rush in pain to my seat, whining for me to return. Now home, in his favorite carrier on a comfy blanket he is slurping his water and relaxing. Still not eating, possibly due to the medication, but he is wagging his tail and…happy! He will be on medication for a few days, but the doctor said he recovered from sedation quickly, and he is definitely a trooper- trotting all around the house. He is exhausted. A long day of exploration…I’m sure these two clowns won’t pull this stunt again. But to make sure, they won’t be allowed outside together without leashes!

Thank you for all of your prayers. Thank you for keeping the faith and knowing that God was taking care of His creations.


Love you all!


Copyright 2010. Natasha L. Foreman. All Rights Reserved.    

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