Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 10.21.11

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 

1 Corinthians 13:6 

Father since as far back as I can recall I have always prayed for the right person to come into my life and love me as they would want to be loved, to love me as they hopefully love themselves. Father You command men to love their women (wives) as they love themselves, yet I wonder how many truly do…and fully, and love themselves enough to share this same type and amount of love with a woman?

Forgive me Father for any wrong I have committed, for any lie I have told, for any manipulation I have taken part in, for my disobedience and double-mindedness, and for all the times I have been unloving. My fear and lack of faith kept me weak, but in Your truth I find strength, comfort, warmth, and love.

Father I don’t think over the years that I prayed for much except a person who is loving, kind, giving and able to receive, respectful, trusting and trustworthy, and not double-minded. I have prayed for a person who is honest, faithful in every sense of the word, committed, monogamous on every level, and dignified, leaving (or helping to restore) each person with their dignity.

Thank You Lord. Thank You for helping me to see what’s not right for me so that I can clearly focus and see what is right for me. Thank You for the trials and tribulations so that I could learn to love myself more as I loved and trusted You more. There is no clock for me to watch, for all things happen on Your time. My urgency in my twenties was silenced by You. My urgency in my very early thirties was silenced by You. Thank You for showing me that it is not for me to plan, search out, or anticipate, but rather remain focused on my mission in Your Kingdom, and when You are ready for me to have certain things in life, You will always provide right on time.

So although I have dated a long list of unfaithful, dishonest, scheming and conniving people over the years, the experiences haven’t hardened my heart, but rather they have provided wisdom and lessons to learn and grow from; my heart is warm not cold. I love and am walking in love because of Your love, because of Jesus’ love, and I thank You Father. Amen.

Love does not cheat, lie, manipulate, deceive, harass, plot and plan, or scheme.
Love does not lead you into a relationship with someone else while you are involved with another. Love does not lead you romantically into the bed, car, or anywhere else with a person who is not your spouse/significant other. God and Jesus disapproves of liars just as much as murderers, yet our world is filled with both, which shows that God is still working on all of us knowing that we all have the ability to change, to grow, to heal, and to walk righteously in His light and love. 

If you have been wronged in the past (even as late as an hour ago), hurt, cheated on, lied to, or manipulated, the first step to your healing is forgiveness. 

First forgive yourself for not seeing the signs, for not hearing God’s voice, for not obeying His commands, and for your stubbornness in thinking you knew what you were doing and knew how to make things right. Forgive yourself for allowing your self-esteem to be chipped away and your self-worth diminished out of your carelessness. Forgive yourself for trusting someone else more than you trusted yourself, and most importantly for trusting someone more than you trusted God and Jesus. 

Then you must forgive the person who hurt you. 

You must forgive them for not seeing you as God’s child. You must forgive them for not knowing how to be loving enough towards you to not harm you. You have to forgive them for not loving and trusting themselves enough so that they could give that same love and trust to you. You have to forgive them for not respecting themselves enough to respect you. You have to forgive them for thinking that loving through action was purchasing  you material gifts, rather than the action of pure love by never causing you pain, especially through neglect and betrayal.

You have to forgive them for every lie they told, for every mean thing they said, for every cruel name they called you, for cursing at, to, and about you, for every scheme they pulled, and for every unkind thing they did. You have to forgive them for hurting you even when they have convinced themselves they have done no wrong and never meant to harm. You must forgive them for not seeing and respecting your value and worth, so they could raise you up in love, and not tear you down in fear. 

Until you can first forgive yourself and then forgive the person(s) who have wronged you, you will not be in a position to heal, grow, and move forward. You are also in no position to ask God for forgiveness, for you are not walking in His truth but in a distortion of your own, which has no value except to you. So today take that first step towards healing, that first step into God’s truth, and embrace the future you can have–filled with all of the blessings that God has in store, waiting for you!

I love you all. God bless you and have an amazing day and weekend!


P.S. My apologies for not posting yesterday, I thought I did. Hopefully today’s message touches your heart and helps to bring about the action that makes up for the missed message of yesterday.

Copyright 2011. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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  1. I love your blog, you should add an RSS feed feature so I can get automatic notifications of new blogs. If you set one up please email me! i will bookmark you for now. Again Excellent Blog!

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