Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 12.31.13

Such are the paths of all who forget God; the hope of the godless shall perish.
 Job 8:13 ESV
 Father thank You for this day. I am grateful for the life that You have given me. I am thankful for the lessons that I have learned, and for the growth in every area of my life. All good that comes to me is because of You, and I thank You for Your favor. May my life always be filled with faith, love, and hope. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
 May you never lose focus of what’s important in your life, your priorities, and those who God has bound to you. Don’t be like the man in the canoe who closed his eyes and napped, only to be awakened by chaos because he had gone off course. Keep your eyes and mind focused on the path, and you will never stray and be lost.
 Today is the last day of this year. What has been done has been done, and tomorrow we enter a new year, with new opportunities and even more challenges. Don’t dwell on past mistakes, just work harder to make future improvements. Live for today and with the same passion and urgency as you would if you knew it was your last day.
 It’s been such a blessing, this wraps up my fourth year of sharing my Breaking Bread daily scriptures. Each year I grow stronger, wiser, and closer to God. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. I will always remain open to whatever God has in store for me.
 I pray that God fills each of you with peace and joy, today and all days. I look forward to connecting with you in 2014. God bless you!
 Love always,
 Copyright 2013. Natasha Foreman Bryant. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha Foreman Bryant, unless otherwise noted.

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