Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 1.31.14

“Your words have been hard against me, says the Lord. But you say, ‘How have we spoken against you?’ You have said, ‘It is vain to serve God. What is the profit of our keeping his charge or of walking as in mourning before the Lord of hosts? And now we call the arrogant blessed. Evildoers not only prosper but they put God to the test and they escape.’”
 Malachi 3:13-15 ESV
 Father I want to have a real relationship with You, one that is not one-sided or reactionary. I want a relationship where we walk and talk together, and not one where I’m just asking for something. As my best friend I should be giving more to our relationship and not asking for more from You. I should be listening and following Your lead, rather than rushing fearfully and hopping from path to path.
 I apologize Father.
 I apologize for my hardheadedness. I apologize for those moments when I stray from the work that You have planned for me, because I am distracted by something that in that short period of time seems more demanding of my time, more exciting, or easier to accomplish. I want to have a genuine relationship with You. No doubts, worries, fears, or record-keeping. I want to have a relationship like no other. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
 Why must we keep expecting God to prove Himself to us? Why is it that He can make the impossible possible in one situation, but then in another situation when maybe He felt that it wasn’t time or that we needed to do more work on our part, we then question Him as to why He didn’t perform for us? Why is it we can claim our blessings one day and then something tragic happens and we immediately think that God is punishing us? Why do we immediately ask, “what did I do to deserve this Father?” We need to rethink our relationship with God and then begin to have that relationship with Him.
 Love requires work. Relationships require work. Being more like Jesus requires work. When we don’t think we have enough strength and energy, that’s when we need to do even more.
 Take the next few minutes to think about your life and your relationship with God. What can you do to strengthen that relationship? What can you do to be more like Jesus? What are you willing to sacrifice? What can you start doing today, right now? Don’t answer immediately. Sit and reflect and then let the answer come from within.
 Lovingly your sister in Christ,
 Copyright 2014. Natasha Foreman Bryant. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha Foreman Bryant, unless otherwise noted.

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