Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 4.30.14

All you who are faithful, love the Lord! The Lord protects those who are loyal, but he pays the proud back to the fullest degree. All you who wait for the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage.

Psalms 31:23, 24 CEB

Father I pray for the courage to stand against evil and injustice. I pray for the courage to stand up and stare down the enemy. I pray for the courage to stand for and tell the truth always. I pray for the courage and mind to always protect my family from harm and from the enemy’s attacks. Father give me the courage and strength to pick up Your shield and block the daily attacks that attempt to defeat and destroy me and my family. Father please strengthen and give courage to my family so that they are equipped and confident in this battle. In Jesus’ name I pray to You this day and every day. Amen.

Today I not only pray for my strength and courage to stand against evil, injustice, dishonesty, and the attacks of the enemy—but I also pray for my husband’s strength and courage. As a team we are only as strong as our weakest link, so iron must sharpen iron, and we must work individually and collectively to protect ourselves and our family. Our actions or lack thereof can deeply impact our family unit. Our inability to see an attack coming and prepare for the showdown, can leave us fully exposed and vulnerable.

My husband and I said vows to each other and God before family, friends, and associates. The enemy was also listening, planning, and plotting. We are never off of its radar. But together with God’s protection, we can fight and beat down the enemy on its best day and on our worst day. But we must be willing, trained, prepared, and working together.

“A family that prays together stays together”.

People say this phrase a lot but how many of us are actively and passionately doing this each day? How many of us are committed to keeping our families protected and together? How many of us are actively fighting off the enemy’s attacks and securing any openings that it may access to harm us? How many of us pray for discernment to see when an attack is being organized, and when it is being launched against us so that we are prepared to defend?

The enemy does not always come with full scale assaults against us. It also comes with small doses, small packages, small insertion points that grow exponentially over time. It uses weak-minded and egocentric people the same, manipulating their minds to do its dirty work. It preys on the lonely, exposed, antsy, and attention deprived. It preys on those who are constantly looking for more, better, and bigger. It’s the ultimate predator and its goal is to snatch you up, tear you down, and make you curse God’s name.

Of the numerous attacks on family that we see and hear each day on the news, there are countless more taking place in our neighborhoods and homes. It’s just that the wealthy, famous, and salacious are more newsworthy than what’s going on in Joe and Jane Blow’s household. But all families are of importance to God, every marriage, and every person.

God wants us to resist, rebuke, and fight evil and sin. He wants us to turn our backs on fear, hate, adultery, greed, murder, rape, slavery, domestic abuse, drug use, alcoholism, addiction, sexism, chauvinism, racism, and discrimination of all kind. The root of all of these issues is the very first word I mentioned—FEAR—and the culprit behind fear is the enemy. I don’t mean the same fear as in fearing God, which is our love for Him. I mean in the negative sense, fear that paralyzes our minds and bodies and has us react negatively. This fear causes pain within and a dark projection outward that inflicts pain upon others. This environment is the enemy’s playground. We must resist, rebuke, and fight it!

Today pray for your courage and strength to protect yourself and your family. Pray for your family members and their ability to stand strong against the attacks of the enemy. Pray that you come together as a unit under the force field of God, led by our true and only shepherd, Jesus Christ, and seen in the actions of God’s soldiers and prophets since the beginning of time. We can protect ourselves and our families from the enemy. Yes, we can!

Resist. Rebuke. Fight!

Questions of the Day
1. Can you tell when you are being attacked by the enemy?

2. Can you discern when an attack is being prepped for a launch against you?

3. What do you say to God just before, during, and after an attack?

4. What has today’s message made you think and focus on most?

5. In what ways do you think you can be better prepared against the enemy’s attacks?

6. In what ways do you think that your entire family unit can be better prepared against the enemy’s attacks?

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Love always,

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