Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 12.21.17


And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

Matthew 6:12


Father we all owe a debt and are owed a debt. Let us forgive those who are late in repayment, those who are struggling to pay on time, those who have to make payment arrangements, just as we would ask those we owe a debt to forgive us of our late and modified repayments of debt.

Father I believe that just as You will show me the way to repay my debts, You will provide the means for those who owe me money to repay me in increments and if possible, in full. Just as I would not want someone hounding me for money, I wouldn’t consider doing this to others. My belief and faith is in You Lord, and I know that with and through You all will be made possible when the time comes due. Thank You Father. Thank You for touching my heart. I thank You now for touching the heart of those I owe a debt and those who owe me. In Your son Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


We have all had rough times financially, some of us are going through a major rough ‘patch’ right now. Some of you are concerned with how you will buy Christmas gifts, while some of you know that there won’t be any purchased gifts this year- but the gift of love will be the present shared this Christmas season. Some of you are more focused on what you could be buying with that repaid debt, while the rest of you are more concerned with keeping on your lights, getting your heating system in your home repaired or replaced, getting your car fixed so you can get to work, and having the money to pay tuition at school.

We should never use our motivation for seeking material possessions or other superficial wants as an excuse to hound and harass someone to repay a debt. We should never hound and harass someone to repay a debt if we are children of God. We say we walk in faith, but then we don’t trust in God to take care of our needs.

As your situation may be bad, that other person’s may be worse- and the opposite may also be true. Just like any other relationship there should be mutual respect, a desire to line all communication and interaction with a sense of dignity for self and for the other person.

Is the person making an effort to repay you? Are they sending you ‘good faith’ payments every few weeks or months? Then aren’t they repaying their debt? So why are you harassing them? Are they consistently communicating with you the current situation and their plans to bring their debt current with you? Then why are you enraged and seething? That is not of God.

The funny thing about this is that when we’re owed money, when we receive late payments it is oftentimes the cycle of the universe coming back full-circle. Have you been late paying a debt? Have you had to make payment arrangements? Do you have a credit card that you only make a partial repayment- not the full amount each month? Then why are you shocked to receive late and partial repayments of money owed to you?

We are so selfish and self-centered that it is pitifully sad, and absolutely disgusting. We call ourselves Christians and then act like demons over possessions, property, and money. Think about that and then think about what Jesus would do. Think about what being a Christian truly means. Re-think what Christmas is really about- and consider if your thinking is totally off the mark. If you’re more concerned with spreading good-tidings with expensive gifts wrapped and covered in bows- then you have absolutely no clue what Christmas is all about!

Christmas for me is about being with my loved ones, not buying and exchanging gifts. So believe me when I say that I won’t go broke or feel financially ‘pinched’ spending money on gifts this year; nor am I expecting to receive any gifts this year. I will be blessed to be alive, healthy, and in the company of those I love most. If I’m not a good enough ‘present’, if the presence of the Lord inside of me isn’t a beautiful enough gift- then maybe those around me need to reconsider spending Christmas with me again in the future.



Note: This Message was originally published on December 20, 2010. It has been modified to align with current formatting and standards.
Copyright 2010-2017. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved

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