Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 2.16.18


Hebrews 10:36


Father thank You for another day. I’m grateful for my life, for the abundance of blessings that You have given me, and for the family that You made mine. Most importantly I’m grateful for Your love, guidance, support, and protection. Thank You for always being here for me, for even when I’m alone I know that I never am.

I pray that each day I give not for myself and not because I’m hoping for something from You or anyone else, but that I give because it is the paying forward of what You have consistently given me.

I love You Father and I know You love me, for I feel and see it each day. Thank You for my smile, may I touch someone else’s life today that they too may smile and hopefully praise You for it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


It is evident that we abuse the Word as written in the holy text we call the Bible. It is clear that most who recite words or references have never fully read, studied, dissected, and analyzed the text from a spiritual standpoint.

Why do I say this?

Because people are quick to take what was meant to be literal (like don’t murder people and don’t commit adultery) and opted to see it in the figurative, and those things that had spiritual connotations have been manipulated to mean the literal sense. Additionally, there are Christians who publicly claim that they “only follow” specific portions of the Bible, such as the New Testament—because that’s “when Jesus comes on the scene”. But how can you only read and study the New Testament when Jesus recited Old Testament, and His mission is guided by the very prophecy outlined in the Old Testament?

Then there’s the foolish statement of following only the New Testament because “the Old Testament was about the Jews and the New Testament is about the Christians”. This is foolish because Jesus was and is Jewish, and once again, He recites the Old Testament. If it was meant to be separated then when the first Bible was assembled they would’ve left out the Old Testament. They’re together for a reason. But since many New Testament “students” have never studied the Old Testament, they are blind to this.

We’ve butchered the Word. The fact that there are hundreds of versions of text that was already edited thousands of years ago, let’s you know that we aren’t getting the lesson.

Put on your spiritual lens and consider walking through life as one who loves, forgives, heals, helps all people—not some, all. Jesus did it. He also proved that there is life after we leave these temporary shells. It’s how we live here that determines how we will live in our next level of existence. Whether you believe in physical places called heaven or hell, one thing is clear—you can’t earn a pass into heaven. It’s your walk through life, not a specific event or type of career, that will “get you in”. It’s how you live your life when you’re not “doing” for self or for others with a focus on self-gain.

Your gift to the community should not be aimed at hopefully one day being rewarded for your efforts. You should give because you want to help, because you want others to be lifted up and feeling God’s full embrace.

Jesus and other greats that we read about in the Bible all gave in ways that magnified God not them. It is man who has chosen to place greater credit on the students than the Teacher. When you truly read, study, dissect, and analyze the Bible from cover to cover—look at how the chosen opened themselves up and allowed God in to use them for His purpose.

Moses knew he would see the edges of the Promised Land from afar but he knew that God told him he would never go there. He would instead delegate that honored task to others. Moses put up with a lot of nonsense from the Israelites knowing that where they would go he would never venture. He focused passionately on helping his people so that they could embrace the new life God had for them. He made it about God, not himself.

Can you say that you could and would do the same?

We all have a lot of spiritual work to do, starting first with ourselves. Our wires are crossed and we need to invest the time in untangling them and realigning them based on God’s guidance not our twisted perception.

God created every living creature in His spiritual image. Every creation reflects Him. He makes no mistakes. He allows each creation to grow, change, morph, adjust as needed.

All creations. All people. Everything God created and He said to love, respect, and protect His creations. Jesus said to love others as you would love yourself. Sadly, many of us don’t truly and fully love ourselves so we don’t know how to genuinely love others. We don’t know how not to judge others for we’re constantly judging ourselves. We don’t know how to forgive others because we don’t know how to forgive ourselves.

We have a lot of work to do. Today let’s work on detoxing our mind, heart, spirit, and soul. We must force out the poison that slowly kills us. It is the only way for us to live with and on purpose as followers of Christ, servants of God, and soldiers protecting the creations that have no voice or ability to fight.


Copyright 2018. Natasha Foreman Bryant. All Rights Reserved.

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