One thought on “I Believe. Do You? This Song is For YOU!

  1. Yeah it’s the great banquet Luke 14: 15-23… Those first invited made excuses. the servant told the master and the master became angry and told the servant to go out quickly into the streets and alleys… So the poor, the cripple, the blind and lame came to the great feast… The master invited us and not each other. there was nothing about us that got us invited. Now that we are in, we shouldn’t start looking at each other as if one is better. I may be blind, but your crippled…so lean on me and use your sight and we both look to the master. Clearly he did not invite us to turn to each other nor to look around and make judgements. No we should be to grateful, because remember, we are too poor to buy a ticket, too blind to find our way there, and too cripple to walk there on our own… Wonderful… Thank you…as you see this sparked something in me… Now I say “Tony” remember you didn’t even know and never expected to be let in…Oh but glory be to God, that he seen fit, for whatever reason!!!

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