Breaking Bread With Natasha: Joel Osteen on “Your Unique Gifts”

Hello Breaking Bread family!

It’s been a moment since I’ve shared a scripture to reflect and pray upon. I look forward to reengaging with you.

I’m sitting here reading my daily devotionals (a few books that help jumpstart my day) and I noticed a text from my friend Juanita Bryan. She forwarded a message shared by Joel Osteen as part of his daily devotional series.

It’s been several months, I believe, since the last time that I shared a message from Joel (or anyone else that I can recall). I’m inspired to share today’s message (see below) from Joel. It moves me and I hope it will move one or more of you. If it does, please pay it forward by sharing it with others. Share it today. Time is of the essence!

Love always,


Your Unique Gifts

Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly…
Romans 12:6, NASB

There’s nothing more encouraging than to discover your purpose and to walk in it! Don’t let the enemy convince you that you’ve been forgotten or left out. You were not made to sit on the sidelines. You have a destiny to fulfill!

God has entrusted everyone with different gifts and talents. That means you already have the ability, the creativity, the ideas you need to flourish in what He has called you to do. There is something important that only you can accomplish for God.

Many heroes of the Bible had humble beginnings and were overlooked. David was the youngest of many sons, yet he was destined to become king. Moses had a speech impediment, but God chose him to deliver a nation. It’s not about where you start, it’s about how you finish. Be bold enough to follow your God-given purpose and fulfill the destiny He has for you!

God, I am so thankful for the unique gifts You have given me, and for Your plan to help me succeed in every area of my life. Give me the strength and wisdom to live today with joy and purpose, and help me use these gifts to bless and encourage others. In Jesus’ name – Amen.

– Joel Osteen

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