Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 6.6.19


But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Luke 5:16


If you truly believe that you can become a better Christian, person, spouse, parent, child, leader, and servant of God, being totally consumed by and of the world-–then you are sadly mistaken. You cannot fully give yourself to God if your mind is multitasking your daily human responsibilities, your need to socialize with others face-to-face or through the use of technology, and a laundry list of other things each and every day.

How can you fully tune in to His voice and what He’s saying when you have a cell phone headset in one ear, a telephone handset to the other, you are typing on your computer or tablet, and watching TV—all at the same time most likely? Just as Jesus had to disconnect countless times to be absolutely alone with God, we must do the same.

So you have a household of children and/or pets, you have a demanding job or career, you are part of several organizations or projects—guess what? You can make the time to disconnect, even if for only 30 minutes. I don’t care if it means going into your restroom and locking the door. I don’t care if it’s pulling into a parking lot and just sitting there (just don’t go to a busy shopping center or location with food because you may become distracted). If you have children and/or a significant other, let them know that you need some alone time to pray. Even if you have made it a habit of praying daily with family, now is the time to create a habit of also praying alone.

I don’t care if it requires you to drive 15 minutes past your home with the radio off (and ignoring your electronic devices) and then turning around to make the drive back home—giving you a total of 30 minutes with God. Or leaving work, parking your car down the street for 30 minutes (yes, ignoring your devices during that time), and then driving home or to run errands. As long as you are alone, in total silence without distractions, then you have found the time and space to disconnect and pray.

Yes, I know, driving has many distractions, but I’m referring to the types that will require that your attention turn from God to whatever your focus is on. If you struggle with connecting with Him while driving, then pull the car over (like I mentioned earlier), park for 30 minutes, and then drive to your destination.

Yes, if you can go on a mini getaway for one or more days, then by all means do it! Pack a light bag, let those closest to you know that you will be on a spiritual retreat (or whatever name that you want to give it) and then high tail it out of your town, city, state, or country.

Whatever that you need to do to disconnect, do it.

Personally, I use my home bathroom as my disconnect zone. I walk in there whenever I need some private time with God. Yes, I even create my Breaking Bread posts in the bathroom. Yes, I’m typing this message, right now, in the bathroom—in front of my bathtub. The door is closed and guess who’s sitting outside of it? My dog, Bishop. It’s become our daily routine. He has no clue what I’m doing in here for 30 to 60 minutes. He just knows that when I open the door, I’m all his.

We all must make the time to tune into God and tune out the world. Commit yourself to doing this one or more times per week, until it becomes your daily habit. The mini getaway may need to be more of a monthly or quarterly thing, because of budget or time constraints, so take that into consideration. But as far as the 30 to 60 minute disconnect sessions go—focus on making this a daily habit. Notice the difference! Embrace the freedom and clarity!


Father, thank You for molding me to feel comfortable in times of solitude, alone with my thoughts, and alone with You. I understand that there are times when I need to pull back and pull away from the world and from those that I know, so that I can be alone to pray, reflect, and be totally open to You—without distractions.

The only way that I will grow in my ability to both serve You and lead others is to find comfort in my aloneness so that I might hear Your words and directions clearly. I know that I am never alone or lonely because You are always with me, speaking to me, guiding me, and protecting me. I can always find comfort in Your spiritual arms Father. Thank You.

Love always,


Copyright 2012-2019. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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