Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 7.23.19


Honour the Lord with thy substance, and with the firstfruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.

Proverbs 3:9‭-‬10 KJV


The busyness of life can sometimes throw us off track, consuming us with human priorities, as we quickly forget our spiritual ones.

There are days when instead of starting my day reading my Bible, praying, reflecting, and writing this blog entry-–I instead trip into something else that I know is less important and meaningful. Those days I am weak and lack focus.

So I pray to God for the strength to remain focused on speaking to Him, listening for His voice and direction, and being obedient—even when something doesn’t make sense to me. I pray to remain focused on learning and sharing God’s Word, and being the best servant that I can be. I also pray that God strengthens you, guides you, and opens your eyes to the numerous possibilities that life has to offer—and that you use that strength and guidance to embrace those possibilities, to be the best you that you can be.

I am grateful that He has brought us together.

Together let’s lovingly encourage each other to put God first as our day begins and ends, and the moments in between—in all of our decisions, and in every relationship and circumstance.

Have a blessed day!


Father, I have placed other things before You. Today, I didn’t start my day with You as my center. I started speaking with You and then I got distracted. I think back to yesterday and other days when I navigated throughout my day and I didn’t place You as my top priority.

If it weren’t for You I wouldn’t be blessed and have the gifts that surround me each day. To honor You I will not allow anything or anyone to distract me from praying and meditating each morning and each night.

I will focus my attention on You throughout my day, being mindful to ask for Your guidance before my decisions are made. I will watch how I speak—praying for loving word. I will control my thoughts—understanding that they fuel my actions. I will consider the outcome before I act—because the consequences may be lasting.

I give my time first to You Lord. I thank You for forgiving me when I’m distracted. I humbly pray for focus, clarity, discernment, and follow through. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Love always your sister in Christ,


Copyright 2012-2019. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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