Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 9.16.19


Do not say, “I’ll do to them as they have done to me; I’ll pay them back for what they did.”

Proverbs 24:29


Any person trying their best to tear you down, make you beg, cry, give in and give up, feel desperate and hopeless, and feel as they do-–will only fail if you instead turn over your cares, worries, fears, and anger to God.

There is nothing He doesn’t see, hear, understand, or comprehend. He is all-knowing. He is the problem-solver. You just have to trust and believe that no matter how hard it gets, how rough it becomes, how brutal the psychological, verbal, physical, and financial beatings are-– God has your back and His plan has been in full force long before you became aware you had a problem.

You just have to release everything to Him and have faith that those individuals who have and are causing harm to you and loved ones—will be placed in a position to make a decision about how their lives will proceed either through repentance or in total darkness.

We all have choices, and even they had a choice not to take on the role of judge, jury, and executioner; and they will have a choice to give up and turn away from evil, or not. But you will play no role in that, because you will lovingly leave those matters to our Heavenly Father. So free yourself and vow to not cross into and be consumed by that negativity that breeds and grows inside of them.


Father, thank You for righting the wrongs, for making bad things turn out good, for re-directing the wicked, and making sure that I have always been taken care of even in the valley of the shadow of death. Father, You have made crooked straight so many times that I know there is nothing You can’t do. Because of that and who You are, I never have to seek revenge for what someone has done or said against me or a loved one. I know that in Your time which is always the right time, You will make things right in my favor. I thank You Father. Amen.

Lovingly your sister in Christ,


Copyright 2011-2019. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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