Breaking Bread for 2.5.20


The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

1 Corinthians 15:26


We leave this level of existence to move forward to another level of existence. Although our bodies no longer function here, we continue to live on elsewhere. Death is unreal. Jesus proved it. Embrace the reality of eternal life with the Father and son.

I Get It, Death is Scary

I completely understand fearing the transition from life as we know it. I empathize with the fear of human death, no longer being in our bodies, sharing precious moments with loved ones, and enjoying favorite pastimes. I totally get it. I fear it too. I want to live in this body for as long as possible, into my 100’s.

Only God knows my last day here, the last breath that I will take. The same is true for you.

So, why do we squander precious moments being consumed by lack, fear, loss, anger, and depression? Why do we choose to not take that adventure, knowing tomorrow could be our last day here? Why do we delay leaving our mark in this world? Why do we choose not to love fully when we know we will miss that person when either of us are gone? Why do we work so much and so hard, if we grow more and more unhappy? Why do we make the decisions that we know will lead to spiritual, mental, and physical prisons?

If we fear death so much then why aren’t we fully embracing life?

Your Fear Fuels The Enemy

The enemy loves it when you let life pass you by. It loves when you waste a day feeling hopeless, bitter, or cynical. It laughs when your life is lopsided. When you choose work over family, having an affair over your family, drugs and alcohol over your life—and yes, even your family.

When you choose anything over living fully the life gifted to you, you dishonor God. This pleases the enemy. The enemy knows the truth about life and death, and knows that the day will come when your reality with be no more, and through your transition you will have regrets. It will giggle with delight in your sobbing regrets. Because it was your choice to live the life you did. It was your choice to chase excess than live in just enough. It was your choice to obey God or give into the enemy’s temptations. We choose the bulk of the experiences that we have.

Excluding external influences, what happens to us is our doing. No one forced you to eat yourself into obesity. No one forced you to cheat on your spouse. No one forced you to get the bigger house and extra cars that you struggle to pay for each month. No one forced you to work the extra long hours each week, that keeps you away from your family and the life you dream about. You can’t blame any of this on the devil. We make the choices—towards salvation or destruction.

If You Already Know The Truth

If you’re blessed enough to know the falsehood of death, and the goals of the enemy, then embrace fully your assignment in this human existence. Care for and strengthen the body you were given, protect your mind from negative influences—while strengthening it with knowledge and wisdom. Protect your time and how you invest it. Protect God’s creatures and the land He made; you are to be a steward, not a consumer. And lastly, bless others as you have been blessed—even if you don’t agree with them. God didn’t say you had to agree, He told us to love others as we love ourselves. Since we don’t want harm to come to us, don’t harm others. And when you do, remedy it, atone, and do no more harm. Learn to forgive quickly, as you hope God to forgive you. It helps you to live in God’s peace, instead of wallow in the enemy’s snare.

In so doing, may you always strive to glorify God. The richness of your life, invested in this way, helps to remove and replace the fear of dying with the joy of living. Death dies and life is magnified.


Father, thank You for sending Your son to remind us that only through You is there life, and because of You there is no death. Jesus proved this in his healing of those dying, the resurrection of the dead, and in his own resurrection.

Help us to live fully so that we stop fearing the lie called death. Help us to stop making excuses and start moving through action. Help us to see and embrace the truth, so that we can stop existing in these lies perpetuated by the enemy. I thank you Father for the blessings of the past, present, and future. To You I give glory and praise. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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