Breaking Bread for 3.4.20


Sing to the lord with grateful praise; make music to our God on the harp.

Psalm 147:7 NIV

Sing to Adonai with thanks, sing praises on the lyre to our God.

Tehillim (Psa) 147:7 CJB


This morning I woke up, thanked God and started counting my blessings—lost count, got excited—that’s another blessing!

I thought back to a few hours in the day, yesterday, when I was feeling down and out about a situation, and I was reminded of numerous blessings that made that situation a reminder of what God can do. I just needed the faith to get my scary butt out of His way. I needed to be praising Him, not feeling sorry for myself. I needed to be singing and dancing, not feeling tears of sorrow build up and slowly stream down my face. Those tears mean we don’t believe. Jeesh, if God’s self-esteem was predicated on our faith, He would be constantly depressed.

When life gets you down, holler out and praise the Lord that you are here to experience one more moment. Praise each moment of God’s grace and mercy. Crank up the music and sing songs that honor Him and make you want to rejoice the life He’s given you. He chose and made you, and gifted you with special talents to share with the world.

Clap your hands as you dance to sweet harmonies inspired by our heavenly Father. Feel the love. Feel the vibe. Feel the Spirit running through you, and, smile. You are energy. Protect it.

Manage your energy by remaining locked on and in to God’s outlet. Every time we pull away we pull at that cord and we alter the energy flowing through it. What happens while you’re vacuuming and you push the vacuum too far, and the cord begin to pull out of the electrical outlet? It starts making a weird noise as the vacuum struggles to maintain the charge. What happens when it disconnects? The vacuum stops running. Then we have to reconnect to start again. We are exactly the same way.

Or like the batteries in a remote control. If one or more batteries are inserted the wrong way, the remote won’t work. We have to be in perfect alignment.

We are like the vacuum, the remote control, or any other source that runs on energy, and requires a connection to the source to work. God is that source and we should praise each day that we are connected to Him.

If He didn’t want us, didn’t love us, we wouldn’t exist. He would’ve never formed us as an idea to be conceived and birthed. Let that marinate in your mind and heart when you want to feel sorry for yourself. Remind yourself how special, gifted, blessed, and loved you truly are!


Father, I praise Your holy name. I praise You for the blessings You grant me. I praise You for the lessons You teach me, and the people You bring into my life.

I love You Father. I sing and dance in Your name. No matter what comes my way I know that You are always here for me. No matter who steps in my path, trying to block my progress and Your work, You always push them to the wayside. Thank You Father.

I worship only You Father. Not Your creations, just You. I trust You Father. Even when I don’t show it. It’s my lack of trust in me that shows a lack of trust in You. I apologize for bringing chaos to Your order. In Your name and Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Love you all!


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