Breaking Bread for 3.5.20


Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:30-31 NIV


We all get tired, but God will reenergize us. He will strengthen us and expand our reach. He will pick us up when we fall down and call out to Him.

There is not a need He cannot meet, a wound He cannot heal, an issue He cannot resolve, a creation He is not connected to, and a space He cannot enter.

That extra push, lift, burst that you feel—that’s God’s presence and assistance. That gut feeling or voice that directed you the right way at the right time, that is God. He speaks to you, sends angels and messengers, and speaks through your loved ones and complete strangers. He can even speak through your enemy. Shocking but true. He can leave you both dazed and confused.

There are no limits to God. So that means, with God as your foundation and guiding force, there are no limits in your life. The only limits are the ones you choose to see and manufacture. Your physical characteristics are only a limit because you make them so. Your beliefs about other people’s opinion of you are self-limiting; that has nothing to do with God and everything to do with you.

What God says that you are and can do, you are and can do. You just have to choose to see, embrace, and live fully. What you say that you are and can do, is where you choose to be defined, either as an open and limitless canvas or a limited and confined box. Always remember that. You choose to see through God’s perfect lens or through yours.


Lord, thank You for my renewed strength. Thank You for always revealing Yourself to me and showing me that You are always here and always working. When I grow tired, restless, or frustrated, or all three—may I turn and lean on You for support and a recharge.

I love You Father. I’m grateful for my life, even the twists and turns, and the downs that came before and after the ups. Every experience I’m grateful for because each day is both a lesson and a gift. Thank You for loving me enough to share freely this priceless life. In Your name I praise, in Jesus’ name I pray to You. Amen.



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