Breaking Bread for 3.9.20


“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?”

Mark 8:36


First, let me thank my aunt Valerie for sending me today’s scripture, eight years ago. I read it again today and I knew I had to share. It touched me deeply as I began to pray on its meaning, implications, and the expressed affront of greed and the greedy. Now let’s get to the nitty gritty, shall we?

Do what we desire and dream of actually align with God’s plans for us? Are the things that bring you joy today also the things that could sustain you for a lifetime? If you didn’t receive another tangible blessing, would it be enough?

Many of us walk around attempting to acquire and aggressively collect as much as we can in fear that our time is more limited than we think; so we can’t afford to wait on God to take care of what we believe we need. Oftentimes we miss out on the greatest of blessings and experiences because we are too focused on lack, and how to turn that lack into gross abundance.

What are you willing to sacrifice to gain that abundance? What and who are you willing to neglect to make sure that every free moment you have is fixated on reaching that ultimate goal of excess? At what cost will you give of yourself to get what you think you need? If you get what you desire will it truly be enough?

Let’s spend more time getting to know each other rather than building walls of isolation and dread. In each person you can see, hear, and feel God—so why deny yourself the opportunity to connect? Even if you can’t fathom why. Just try. Maybe that person is a blessing in disguise. At the same time, don’t use God’s creations as your linchpin. Don’t use them to elevate and propel yourself. Turn to and lean on the One who created them and created you. Lean in and hear what He’s telling you each day, what He’s telling you right this very second.

Consider your actions versus your prayers for God’s reassurance of action already taken. Are you a sell out to the world, or are you sold on God’s promise?


Father, I am appreciative and grateful for all that I have, and thank You for blessing me with every item and every person that has been made a part of my life.

Let me always think of the impact of my decisions before I make them. Let me always weigh how what I might say or do would affect others. Help me to admit my wrong, ask those that I’ve wronged for forgiveness, and be quick to forgive—as You demonstrate daily. Let me always pray to You first for guidance and protection. I want only what I am worthy of, and desire no more than what You believe I should have.

If this very moment I took my last breath, I declare that You have given me more than enough. Thank You Father. I love You!



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