Breaking Bread For 4.20.20


so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.

1 Thessalonians 4:12


We were not placed on this earth to leach off of others, to have an expectancy to be taken care of by someone else, or rely upon another person to pay our bills, feed us, clothe us, and/or provide us with shelter. We were placed here to serve God, build His kingdom, to be workers and providers, and to make contributions in and to the world—no matter how big or small.

Even a married woman should never look to her husband to provide all of her needs. She should lean on God and follow His lead. She should work in some capacity either in the classroom, the community, or through employment so that she is always actively engaged and interdependent in the world. Her mind, body, spirit, and soul should be healthy and replenished from doing good and living well.

She should never place herself in the position that upon divorce, disability, or death of her husband that she is ill-equipped to provide for herself and her family. She should not be placed in a position that she is so disconnected that she becomes a liability instead of an asset, a charity case instead of a contributor to charity. Her life should not be a stream of suffering and regrets. It should instead be a stream of hope, restoration, grace, and perseverance.

The only force that should dictate and determine her life should be God, not man, nor any other spirit. In partnership with God, a wife can maneuver life’s obstacles, without being deterred from her spiritual mission. We must remember that we are first and always God’s bride, and we must live our lives accordingly. The same is true of husbands. They are brides of God, the husband, and they should always remember that to lead does not mean by force, intimidation, or manipulation. Because none of those practices are demonstrated by God, or His son, Yeshua (Jesus).

I always want to be an asset in and to my family, my community, my country, and the world. Every day I am committed to ask God what my focus should be that day, and then I must strive to fulfill all tasks that align with that focus—and ultimately, my mission.

What are you doing to fulfill your purpose and destiny in God’s master plan? How are you planning, executing, and succeeding in your day? If you have chosen to become lazy, disconnected, uninspired, unmotivated, and shiftless because of this COVID-19 pandemic—then you have forgotten your role in this level of existence. You have forgotten what you were and are called to do.

You weren’t called to binge eat, drink, and watch TV. You’re to be protecting and strengthening your mind, body, spirit, and soul. The enemy wants your soul as much as God does. If you’re content with waiting to see if you’re going to get a stimulus check or unemployment check, then who are you depending on for your livelihood and sense of security? What if you’re not eligible for the stimulus or unemployment checks? What will you do?

God has blessed you with gifts that you’re supposed to use regularly. Like muscles that atrophy, if you don’t use your gifts you forget how, and sometimes you forget that you have them. They are placed in a closet collecting dust.

There’s no such thing as luck. Some people see and use their gifts more frequently than others, and they see and seize opportunities with less hesitation. Some people are more willing to take leaps of faith, to risk their fears, and see what may come. They choose to walk than be idle. They choose to act instead of ponder. While you’re stuck in analysis paralysis, they are living with intentionality. It’s not luck, it’s obedience. God says walk, they walk. You on the other hand may ask God—when, how, why, where, for how long, and can you wait until the time is right. All the while, you’re not walking. Then you see the other person thriving in life, and you have the audacity to call it luck, trying to minimize God’s power in their lives. That’s exactly what you do when you call a blessing “luck”.

Now is the time to sit down with God and plan out your next moves, map out which free and paid online courses to take, which books to read, the people to call and connect with, and which business and career strategies to make. This is not the time to be stagnant. This is the time to be active. More active than you were pre-COVID-19. You should be looking for opportunities during this chaos, not obsessing and growing depressed over the chaos and collateral damage.

Do you not think that God would have opportunities and blessings laying before you? Will you let them become dormant, overlooked, or seized by someone else? Ask God to direct you, to show you how to maneuver each day, and how to be disciplined in your daily walk. Stop thinking you can and should be doing this alone. God is to be your lifelong partner, and He will assign various people to assist you throughout various stages. But you have to engage with Him, trust Him to lead, and most importantly, you must listen and obey. Every single day, throughout each day.

It is not your verbal testimony that helps to inspire and change the lives of others. It is your physical testimony. It’s your actions, your daily walk, your character—the manifestation of the efforts, discipline, and obedience. People are moved by what we see. You can say you’re a millionaire, but only through the demonstration of giving and living, do people believe it. Does that make sense? You can say that you’re a Christian, but do you speak and behave like Jesus? There’s your measuring stick. And ironically, Jesus never called himself a Christian. That term originated decades after his ascenscion, by those who followed and practiced his teachings. But it is a label that comes with a powerful example to model.

These are some things to ponder and then turn to God for clarity and direction. I pray the results are fruitful and abundant.


Father, thank You for strengthening and humbling me. Thank You for teaching me life’s lessons. Thank You for Your son who has shown Your children how to work, be committed to doing right and doing good, and how to live self-sufficiently— only needing You and Your provisions. Father, I want to be the best person and Christian that I can be. I want to produce the best fruits from my labor and rely on my harvest to take care of my needs, so that I am not dependent upon anyone or anything but You and Your son. Show me how to be disciplined and focused each day, tuning in to You for guidance and replenishment, and tuning out all things that serve as a distraction. Help me to lean on You, walk as You direct, and trust without hesitation.

In Jesus’ name I humbly and faithfully pray to You today and each day. Amen.



Copyright 2011-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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