Breaking Bread 5.28.20


Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Matthew 7:20


Hard work that is appreciated and respected by the worker always pays off. Hard work that is motive-driven gets dismal returns. Hard work that is coupled with complaints and whining, is a missed opportunity for greatness. You can’t sincerely praise God while you are complaining. You can’t seriously be grateful for your blessings if you’re bad-mouthing the process that led you there. You can’t possibly, genuinely, appreciate what you have if you don’t treat is as though it is priceless.

God wants to see what we will bear and He rewards us for putting in the work, enduring the challenges, and doing so with minimal complaint and absolutely no regret. God wants to see how grateful we are for all things big and small.

You may be in a sucky job or situation right now, but what are you doing to make it bearable? Are you able to see and embrace the blessings of and in your situation? What are you doing to demonstrate God’s goodness? What are you doing so that you can be used best by God? Are you showing up each day putting your best foot forward or barely doing enough to get by?

There may be numerous opportunities for you to get out of that situation or job, and get a better position or improve your current one. But if you are showing up each day with dread in your mind and a lack of hope in your heart then you can’t possibly see the doors, windows, portals, and pathways that God has set before you.

Are you looking and listening for all opportunities for a better job? Are you hitting the pavement each day before or even after a long day at work seeing what is out there for you? Are you introducing yourself to people and asking around about various opportunities? Or are you sitting around complaining and whining about how miserable your life is and how awful your job/situation is?

How miserable and awful would you be if God removed everything from you and left you with nothing?

There’s lessons in the experiences and blessings in the lessons. Embrace them don’t reject them.

God won’t bless us for mismanaging and mistreating our body, mind, money, cars, homes, and other resources. He already does more than He should by blessing us with life and the material possessions that we have. Without us doing our part we won’t see and benefit from the abundance of blessings that are waiting nearby.

Let’s do our part and put in the work each and every day. Let’s do our part to complain less and praise more! Be intentional and mindful of the fruits you produce.


Father let my mind, heart, hands, and body be used to serve You and to put in the heavy work expected of me. Let me not be shiftless, lazy, and slothful. May I always be hard working, determined, committed, passionate and excited about what I do. When my hope is waning, restore it Father. When I feel beat down by life and people, pick me back up.

Give me courage to face the worst situations and the most difficult people. Give me grace and dignity to handle all situations with an appearance of ease and never with a charge of negativity.

As I work diligently keep my eyes affixed on the present with a vision for greater opportunities in the future. May I always give You the honor and glory for all of my successes and achievements. For if it weren’t for You I would have absolutely nothing. I know this and that is why I’m grateful for all things large and small in my life—even the pain and inconveniences. Thank You Father!

Love Always,


Copyright 2012-2020. Natasha L. Foreman. Some Rights Reserved. All Prayers and Reflections are Copyright Protected by Natasha L. Foreman.

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