Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 2.6.17


2 Thessalonians 3:3


Thank You Father for today, for the blessings that You have given me, for another day of experiences and lessons, and most importantly I want to thank You for Your love. I love You Lord. 

Father, You know what I’m going through, the wave of emotions that I experience, and where and when I’m weakest. You know my heart and my intentions. 

Please warm my heart so that it never grows cold and closed. I pray that I’m receptive to others love, kindness, and respect. I pray that I always find a way to forgive, so that I don’t carry around the heavy burden of a grudge. 

Strengthen me Father. Fill me with courage, joy, peace, love, and Your Light. Help me through these unknown times. Help me when I feel weak, tired, hurt, ashamed, lonely, or frustrated. Lift me up Father. I pray to You, as a humble servant. Amen. 


Feel weak? Speak with God. 

Feel tired? Speak with God. 

Feel angry? Speak with God. 

Feel betrayed? Speak with God. 

Feel overwhelmed? Speak with God. 

Feel grateful? Speak with God. 

Excited about life? Speak with God. 

Whatever you’re going through (in life), you need to make God the top priority, as your number one advisor that you speak to first and last about all things. Turn to him for strength, comfort, courage, an extra boost of energy, and peace. 

God is our source for love, peace, joy and happiness, so stop treating your fellow humans as though they are your source. 

Our esteem and worth come from Him. Turn to Him. Speak with Him, silently or aloud. Prayer should be a conversation that doesn’t take work and effort to achieve. It should flow from you like a natural conversation with a family member or friend. It doesn’t need to be lengthy or poetic to make an impact. God hears us and our thoughts. 

Speak with Him. 

Questions of the Day

1. What would you like to add to today’s prayer and/or reflection?

2. What are your thoughts about today’s message?

3. What issues are you fighting to protect from the enemy’s attack?

4. What cares, worries, and fears are you ready to turn over to God?

5. Who would you like to pray for today?

6. Do you have a testimony that you would like to share? Please do.

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Love always,


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Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer and Reflection for 5.30.12

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

Father for thousands of years You have kept Your promises, and You have protected Your children. You have taught us lessons, humbled us, restored us, and provided for us. For my short lifetime so far You have done the same for me more times than I can count.

I pray for continued strength, for faith and belief that I can overcome temptation and the luring of the enemy. I pray for absence of worry because You have never failed me and I know that even in my guilt, You never will fail me. I do not need to battle my enemy, for You will handle every issue that arises. Thank You Father.

Today I finished reading 2 Chronicles and the book of Ezra, and I’m still shaking my head because numerous generations of God’s children continued to sin, doubt, and disobey Him even though He proved countless times His power and His grace.

He freed the children of Israel from Egypt and blessed them abundantly, yet for hundreds of years after, they continued to do ignorant things that would lead to painful outcomes for them. Under one kings rule they would be obedient to God, and then under the next king’s rule they would act up and go back to worshipping other gods. A king would convince himself out of fear that since another land of people were supposedly saved from disaster and annihilation by their god, that maybe it was best to worship that god for protection.

Somehow God wasn’t doing His job consistently to their satisfaction. Sound familiar?

Then after one or two kings would reign, the new king and the people would repent and swear allegiance to God again. More than once they had even misplaced the Book of Moses that clearly outlined God’s commands to them; so that means they were basically ‘winging it’ and trying to recall the laws from memory. They thought they knew it all. Their pride and arrogance took over and pushed away their humility.

It wasn’t until they were enslaved again for maybe the third of fourth time (I lost count), this time by the Persians, that they found the Book and saw how far that had slid backwards. But it wasn’t long before these exiles were breaking the rules, and doing their own thing again.

How is this any different than what we are doing today? We ride with God until something happens and we convince ourselves that we can do things on our own. We convince ourselves that our successes are our doing, and some of us even ignorantly go through the motions of ritualistic religion—failing to live spiritually–failing to commit fully to serving God and His children. It is our conditional relationship that we have established with God that has perpetuated for these thousands of years, and will continue to our demise, until we stop and obey. Imagine how life would be if we only surrendered to and obeyed God.

The Bible shows us where we were, our successes and failures, where we could be, and how this cycle will continue to repeat unless we get it, seize it, and do what God has commanded—consistently, every second of every day. It truly is that simple. Each day let’s take the step towards living right and doing right, and then let’s do it!

Love your sister in Christ,


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