Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 12.28.12

Yahweh my Lord is my strength; He makes my feet like those of a deer and enables me to walk on mountain heights!

Habakkuk 3:19 HCSB

Father encircle me and build me up in Your loving strength. Guide me and open my eyes so that I see the Truth and only speak the Truth. Tune my ears to hear all that You want me to know, and give me the courage to make all of the tough decisions.

I know that the enemy has no power, no influence, and no ability to control or alter my life. I make those decisions and provide the gateway. The enemy is stirring a pot but only I can add the ingredients and the fuel. I have the option of engaging or walking away. My mind, heart, spirit, soul, and life belongs to You Father. I refuse to play a part in any dark plot of the enemy’s.

Lord You are my Father and Jesus is my Savior.

I believe in You and Your ability to make all things possible. I believe that You will make all things right, all issues resolved, and all crooked paths straight. I know that You are the Source, the center, and the reliever of pain, fear and stress. You are the balancer, the equalizer, and the solution. Remove me from my view so that all I see is You. In Your name I pray Father. Amen.

I rebuke the enemy and any plan that it has to cause havoc in my life. I rebuke its efforts to use those I love and those I don’t even know, to attack me, mislead me, or harm me in any way. I know Who’s child I am and to Whom I belong, and I tell the enemy to back off for I will never be controlled by any power or presence but God. I will not follow anyone or anything but God and Jesus.

If I have been walking a path not intended for me, I ask God to alter my walk immediately for I never want to do anything to displease Him. I only want to walk in His light and never allow myself to walk in the shadows of darkness or be fully cloaked in its presence.

Sometimes when you fight so hard for love and for what’s right you forget that even that is not your battle, it’s God’s. I pray for calm in the face of chaos and conflict. I pray to not engage in the drama for that is not of God, and not an act that Jesus would take part in.

I will walk away each and every time God tells me to turn by back, and I will not question or disobey Him.

Do you allow others to drag you into negative conversations and engage in negative practices? Are you a follower of others, easily swayed to walk in darkness? Then you need to pray for the strength, courage, conviction, and discernment to steer clear of those shadows, to silence those mouths that live on drama, and to tune out those voices that try to seep into your mind.

Only you and God should ever control your mind, heart and your mouth. When you are aligned with Him then you will never say and do evil, you will never focus your mind on thinking ill of others, of badmouthing people, and taking part in cruelty of any kind.

When you are aligned with Him then you see the darkness to rebuke, and you never allow yourself to think that your life’s experiences are all about you— because you know that this is all about Him, and your demonstration in seeing this fact.

I pray that you are freed from bondage. I pray that you no longer remain in unhealthy situations and relationships, for God only wants the best for you. I pray that you see this to be true.

Do not be concerned with what others say about you, only concern yourself with what God thinks, believes, and says. Instead of following the lead of a sinner, follow Jesus’ lead. Also remember one more thing, the time you spend badmouthing others is the amount of time you wasted in receiving God’s blessings. The longer you walk in darkness the more lost in the lie you become.

Love always your sister in Christ,


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