Breaking Bread With Natasha: Joel Osteen on “Your Unique Gifts”

Hello Breaking Bread family!

It’s been a moment since I’ve shared a scripture to reflect and pray upon. I look forward to reengaging with you.

I’m sitting here reading my daily devotionals (a few books that help jumpstart my day) and I noticed a text from my friend Juanita Bryan. She forwarded a message shared by Joel Osteen as part of his daily devotional series.

It’s been several months, I believe, since the last time that I shared a message from Joel (or anyone else that I can recall). I’m inspired to share today’s message (see below) from Joel. It moves me and I hope it will move one or more of you. If it does, please pay it forward by sharing it with others. Share it today. Time is of the essence!

Love always,


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