Breaking Bread 6 Month Reflection

Happy Tuesday, Breaking Breaders!

Wow, tomorrow begins the month of July. Can you believe that we are half way through 2020?

Looking back over these 6 months, I want you to ponder and reflect over some things:

What have you seen, heard, experienced, and learned?

How have you grown and matured?

Which fears have you faced and overcome? Or been paralyzed by?

Which dreams have been surfacing, crystallizing, shaping and forming, appearing realer and realer as the days go on?

Which dreams do you fear will never come true?

Which goals have been secured by the dreams you once had?

Which goals are you now organizing and pursuing?

Which goals are you afraid to pursue because you fear that you lack something or someone to help you achieve them?

Today’s #breakingbread message speaks to the hope, faith, determination, discipline, discernment, and obedience that it takes to make the impossible possible. Only through God is it possible. Yet, we struggle to try to make things work on our own. Then fear and doubt creep in and tap dance in our minds and on our hearts, and out of exhaustion we abandon those dreams and goals.

Make the time to read today’s message. I will be posting it shortly. God and I have some chatting to do. I think I know where I’m going with the message, but God always guides me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I’m looking forward to the journey. So check your inbox within the hour. See you soon!

Love always,


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Natasha’s Sunday Reflection: If You Like Living in Ignorance Then Don’t Read This

Some of us get caught up in the “flesh” and we’re more concerned with worldly affairs than the matters of the heart.

The flesh is not truthful, honorable, right, or pure.

We can be obsessed with self and because of that we oftentimes miss the big picture and can’t see the lessons before us. We don’t even recognize how toxic our self-righteousness is, especially when we use it to judge and attack others. When we’re walking around consumed by the flesh we’re too blind to see that there’s no truth, honor, righteousness, or purity in our thoughts and actions, because we don’t see that what we do and say is not of God—it is not what Moses or Jesus taught.

It’s our warped approach at getting what we think we deserve.

Jesus was and is concerned with our hearts. He was sent to be a disruptive force, to fulfill the Old Testament prophecy, to divide truth from fiction, and to establish clear lines and expectations—NOT to force anyone to listen and believe. Jesus NEVER judged and damned someone for not following and believing, yet so-called Christians today walk around holier-than-thou judging and condemning people to damnation as though God gave them the power and authority to do so.

God doesn’t need to force you to be truthful, honorable, right and pure—He gives us a choice. He looks at our heart. He knows we are weak and troubled. His grace gives us opportunities to do and be better. Those who choose to be the opposite of the qualities and principles that represent Him, deal with the life hereafter based on that understanding.

So stop trying to be everyone’s judge. Stop playing Jesus and God. You have your own role and responsibilities. You have your own obstacles to overcome and sins to avoid (and atone for). You are not blameless and flawless.

Stop parading around in your self-righteousness trying to force people to convert to your ways, thinking, practices, and religious beliefs. Attacking people for thinking and living differently is not a lesson from Jesus’s teachings. You never read anywhere that Moses dragged his people out of Egypt. Anyone who willingly wanted to leave could come, and anyone who wanted to stay could do so. It was always about choice.

Jesus never forced anyone to believe and follow Him. Never. He never harassed and insulted people for their shortcomings or their sins. Jesus ticked off those in power, the elitists, the zealots, the teachers of the law, the so-called experts. He held them to the standards they claimed to uphold. He revealed their hypocrisy. But even then, He never told them to follow Him or be prepared for hell.

Jesus never attacked, assaulted or killed someone in His name or in God’s. We don’t have one account of Him ever putting His hands on someone in a violent way. Yet look at us, thousands of years later and we think we have the right to do all of these things because we call ourselves Christians.

People parading around with picket signs and banners of judgment, telling complete strangers that they are damned to hell for their beliefs and practices. We see so-called Christians shooting and bombing buildings and people, all in the name of God—when actually that’s just the devil manipulating your weak minds and flesh. The devil is the enemy and it uses your weaknesses against you in hopes of pulling you farther from God, yet convincing you it’s bringing you closer to God. What a wicked game it plays.

The enemy loves to destroy nations, communities and families. Consider how it attacks the family….

Those of you who are married and don’t realize how weak your flesh really is, consider this: do you find yourself nitpicking what your spouse does and says? Do you hold them to outrageously high standards or constantly raise the standards after they reach them? Are you holding grudges, spiteful, and vindictive? Are you constantly badmouthing them to other people? Do you benefit from their contributions to the family and household, yet tell them (and outsiders) that they could do more and better?

That’s you operating out of your flesh. That’s you being the enemy’s pawn in a game you won’t win if you keep giving in to its manipulative ways.

Stop tearing down your spouse for not being perfect in your eyes. Stop comparing your “yard” to someone else’s. Stop comparing your spouse to someone else. Stop holding them to standards that even you don’t meet consistently or at all. No one is perfect. No one can hit that 100% mark each and every time. We all fall short more times than we make it.

If any athlete could make every shot, score every touchdown, win every race then there would be no need for competition, there would be no need for a team.

Your marriage is a team effort.

Each person pulls their weight and then you’re to come together and share the load, pulling together the weight that is too heavy for one to bear.

Don’t attack and judge your spouse for not having the financial, social or physical capabilities that they once had or that you wish they had but they fall short of achieving.

Do you possess all of these abilities and do you consistenly meet those standards?

If not, be silent and supportive. If you do possess all of those abilities then why don’t you do something productive like help pull some of the load so that your spouse isn’t doing all or most of it alone. You want to benefit from being a part of the team, you want the championship ring, but you think it can be accomplished while riding on the bench or pacing the sidelines. There’s no true success in a stagnant environment.

When you look at your spouse and what they do each day, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they making an effort to protect and provide for your family?
  • What is their heart showing you?

Focus on that and let the trappings of the “flesh” go. The flesh is not truthful, honorable, right, or pure. The flesh can lead you to what looks good on the outside but is pure rot on the inside. The flesh can lead you away from what could be heaven and lure you to absolute hell. The grass is greener in the other yard because they fertilize, water, cut, and care for the yard. What are you doing to and for your yard? You get what you give!

Love always,

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Message From Natasha…Finally! 

Dear Breaking Bread Family,

It’s been a long time since I broke bread with all of you. I sometimes feel ashamed that in my time of weakness I kept to myself, rather than turning to God’s Word and my role as servant to help strengthen me. As you see, like I keep saying, I’m a plain ole’ human just like everyone else—and definitely a work in progress!

So let me catch you up. But let me prepare you now, this is going to be a lengthy post. That’s what happens when you haven’t spoken to someone in a long time. We have a lot to talk about. So let’s do this…

What’s The Reason For My Absence?

I’m about to be transparent. How else can one testify about God’s blessings and healings if we aren’t transparent? 

For the past two months I’ve been struggling with a lot. I had surgery (that went very well) and thanks to my sister, I had great care while recovering at home. But then 10 days later I took a 5-hour plane and two-hour car trip, and on the eleventh day I was hospitalized with pulmonary embolism. Houston we have a problem!

Hooked up to all sorts of machines I stayed in deep prayer while in the hospital. I had only stayed in the hospital twice in my life, when I was born and again in 2011, so I was initially scared about being alone with all of these tubes and wires attached to me. I eventually found the peace within and became settled. Some may think or even say that it was a dumb idea to make the trip, but even that experience was a blessing. I will explain why shortly. 

God Working For & Through My Family

It was difficult to break the news to my mom and sister. I was thousands of miles away and they had to trust me that I would be okay. I could hear the fear in their voices when I explained what happened and what the doctors were saying to me. I reassured my mom and sister that I was mentally and spiritually grounded, that I knew Who’s child I was and that I would make the best out of this situation and out of my stay. 

My amazing paternal aunt, Debbie, lifted me up in prayer and was the first and constant voice that I heard when I woke up in the hospital. She was by my side at 7:15am and my biggest advocate when dealing with the doctors. 

God worked through my aunt to help me in more ways than I know. 

My mom, sister, and aunt filled me with so much positive energy and I was determined to remain positive and uplifted during and after my hospital stay. I did exactly that. I kept the hospital staff laughing and smiling, which kept me laughing and smiling. 

Spending time with my paternal grandmother gave me a triple dose of spiritual armor. Whenever I want to hear the unwavering voice of faith and belief, I can call my grandmother. There is no question in her mind who God is and what He can and does do. She is a genuine soldier of Christ. I pray to reach her level of understanding and commitment during my lifetime. 

When I returned to my home in Atlanta (a few days before Christmas) my sister immediately resumed and assumed her role as my caretaker. God worked through her in amazing ways. She cooked, cleaned, and kept me laughing and smiling at times when I wanted to cry. When she was at work she would call to check on me and make sure I was doing my part towards healing. She would make sure I wasn’t over doing it trying to be Wonder Woman!

My mother, in another state, taking care of her mother, kept me positive and inspired each day with scriptures and affirmations. Her voice is so reassuring, soothing and strong. I love that woman so very much!

Christmas Day Blessings

Mom flew to my home for Christmas. It felt so awesome being surrounded by family, by love. 

We cooked an amazing Christmas dinner. I made a Puerto Rican pork shoulder, macaroni and cheese, and yams. My mom and sister made several yummy side dishes, and my sister’s boyfriend made chocolate chip cookies. We had fun during our gift exchange and had a few laughs as I got to play DJ, taking music requests, for everything from Christmas-themed songs to Hip Hop. 

No matter what, I wasn’t going to let anything or anyone overshadow the spirit of Christmas, and nothing and no one did. Christmas is my mom’s favorite holiday, and the Foreman girls were determined to celebrate it with love and joy. We did exactly that!

Post-Christmas Whammy

A few days after Christmas I was hit with strept throat, and as much as I like to talk, this was a major inconvenience to say the least. Even in the pain and discomfort I was laughing at the times I was forced to be silent. So no talking simply meant more reflection. Okay got it! 

My husband helped share some of the load by getting my meds and homeopathic items, and would bring me my Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls for the few days I was isolated to one part of the house (so I wouldn’t spread my yuckies). He would also check on me throughout the day to make sure I was comfortable and had everything that I needed. I’m grateful for his care. 

God’s Hand in My Career

How in the world can I be going through all of this while trying to build and grow my two businesses? 

God gave me the strength to conduct business calls and work from my laptop, all while sitting in bed or in a nearby chair. I was able to draft contracts, negotiate and close deals, strategically plan my companies first quarter, and wrap up 2015 not as I planned–but on a good note. 

God made it all possible. 

Just like He made it possible to go through all of this in between semesters when I normally would be teaching. The ONE semester in two years that I DON’T teach a class, how moving is that?!? God made that possible. 

I recovered enough just in time for the start of the semester for one college. Two days after I finished my strept throat meds I welcomed my students to their Intro to Management class. The other college where I teach will resume classes next month, which gives me time to pace myself and get stronger. God made and makes this possible. 

Other Personal Matters God Said Don’t Worry About

I’ve been hit with some other personal whammies over the past two months, and even a few days ago—but I KNOW the power of God. I KNOW that if God can bring me to it then He can bring me through it. This too shall pass and God will protect me each step that I take. I’m going to “ride” with Him because He’s never left my side, He’s never made a promise He didn’t keep, He never let me down, and He’s never stopped “riding” with me. God’s love and commitment to me has NEVER wavered, so I must reciprocate!

My Gratitude 

Each day I get better, stronger, and more grateful. My recent experiences have been a blessing. I know it’s odd to hear and read, but it’s true. I’m God’s creation–flawed–but His and perfect in His sight. God has shown me so much about myself and about others over the past few weeks, and I’m grateful for what He has revealed. When life and people hit you upside your head, turn to God—He ALWAYS has the answers and directions!

I’m also grateful for the seeds that He planted in me these past two months. He’s given me a vision for my present and future. He’s shown me some amazing things that are in store for me, as long as I do my part and put in the work—faith with action! God has a plan and purpose for me. I’m not concerned with what anyone else is doing. I’m not competing with anyone else. I’m not envious of anyone. I’m too focused on what God has in store for me—my purpose. 

I run a business management and support firm, and a tech company. I teach business management at two colleges. Business, management and technology are the lanes that I’m in, nothing else. I’m more than satisfied with this! I’m removing myself from places and instances where I’m drifting in a lane not assigned to me. 

God is molding me and my life as He envisions it—directing my path—and I’m going to try very hard to resist the urge to grab that steering wheel and point the “car” in a different direction. I want to live on purpose as God’s humble and loyal servant. 

My Message to YOU!

Where in this conversation with you have you heard me complaining, worrying, crying out, and expressing doubt in my ability to heal and recover? I’m not just focused on getting better than I am now. I’m focused on being better than I’ve ever been, and I know that it’s only possible with and through God. 

So my message to all of you is this, no matter what you’re going through—if you truly believe in God and His power, then trust Him to keep His word and trust Him to never lead you astray—and then take that trust and follow Him!
No weapon formed against you will prosper as long as you stand firmly in your convictions as a child of God. Don’t ever give up your fight as God’s soldier!

Announcement Coming Soon

I have an important announcement that I will be making in a few weeks. A gift from God that I want to share with the world. I’m determined to be faithful to our Father and obedient to His commands and direction. So stay tuned for details!
Love your sister in Christ,