Natasha’s Daily Scripture, Prayer, and Reflection for 9.24.12

Note: Today’s message was shared by my dear friend Kenya. It came right on time– as God’s messages, Love, and blessings always do! Take it in, reflect, enjoy, and share with others. Have a blessed day and be a blessing to others. Now join me for today’s scripture, prayer, and reflection:

Even if my mother or father forsake me, God will adopt me as his own.

Psalm 27:10

Dear God. Thank You for breaking all the strong holds that try to hold me down. Thank You for making me an asset and not a liability. Thank You for being a forgiving God, a Faithful God, a merciful God, a tear-catching God, a new chapter of life God.

Today, delete all [of] the negative voices in your life to make room for God’s voice.

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